Newspaper Clues

1890 photo of four children

Margaret Louise Bird, Arthur Snell Bird, Catherine Stratton Bird, and Anna Sherwood Bird

Aren’t these beautiful children?  I suspect they are the relatives of Tillie Cavitt, my grandmother’s aunt.  This photo was in the stacks of memorabilia belonging to her.

Tillie was originally from Lebanon, Tennessee.  She married there in about 1870.

Here is the newspaper, The Lebanon Democrat, from December 17, 1891. The front page includes an obituary for an Arthur Stratton.  There is also a tribute to Arthur from “a friend”.

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newspaper from December 17, 1891

Front Page of “The Lebanon Democrat”, December 17, 1891

Deaths- Authur (sic) Stratton, son of Mr. and Mrs. Golladay Stratton, died in Gainesville, Texas, last Friday after an illness of several days with typhoid fever.  He died at the residence of his sister, Mrs. Edgar Bird, and was attended by his mother, who went out to Texas several days ago.   The remains were brought to Lebanon, arriving Tuesday.  Funeral services were held at the grave by Rev. W. T. Haggard and his remains buried in Cedar Grove Cemetery.  Authur (sic)  Stratton was one of Lebanon’s best boys, and his death removes a most promiseing (sic) young man, and one who was destined to accomplish much in the world.

Notice the names of the children in the old photograph. Based on the styles, this photo is probably  from the late 1800’s.  How likely is it that these children’s mother is the Mrs. Edgar Bird mentioned in the obituary?

In the next post, I will  show you the newspaper tribute from “a friend”.  It says a lot about the values of this community in the late nineteenth century.