Where’s the i-pod?

1870-vintage photo

Photo from New Orleans

I’m guessing that this unknown young woman had her photo made in about 1870. Her hair style, earrings, cameo, and style of sleeve inset are telling me this.  I think.  (I’m still new at identifying clothing and hair styles from various periods.)  She is in our home collection, mixed among pictures of our Cavitt kin, so she might be a family member, or a friend.

vintage- 1890 photo

Andrew Cavitt Shatton

This photo was made in Memphis, Tennessee. I am guessing that it is circa 1890, based on his hairstyle, shirt collar style, and coat collar style.  He must be related to the Cavitts, as his first and middle names match those of Tillie’s husband.  But, I have not done the research to find out exactly who he is.

When I look at antique photos, I can’t help but mentally update them to current times.  So, picture these two with ear buds and cell phones.  What would they be wearing in 2010?  How would they be walking, driving, moving in space?