I Think I Know How He Felt

From the Waco Daily Examiner of December 8, 1875:

“Master A. B. Smedley of the Iowa State Grange, says:  ‘When I see a man of reasonable intelligence attend his Grange for years and listening to the most interesting discussions on fruit culture and tree planting, and then visit his place and not find as much as a currant bush and not a tree to break the cold winter winds, I feel as though I wanted to import from South America a small earthquake to stir him out of the old ruts and make him adopt a more advanced method.'”

You said it, Brother!

The newspaper from which I nabbed this jewel is very white- newspapers were made of cotton rag at this time.

Waco is in central Texas.

Grange’ according to Random House Unabridged means “a lodge or local branch of the “Patrons of Husbandry”, an association for promoting the interests of agriculture.”

This is a family photo from about this time period- the 1870’s:

Andrew McCormick Alexander in 1870's