More Small-town Talk in the Great Depression

My blog entry, “The Radio Talk Show in 1934”, was on the subject of my father’s radio station during the Great Depression.  I found some other photos to share, related to my father’s business at that time. In addition to the radio station, he had a radio repair business AND he had a car outfitted with a sound system he took to all the local rodeos, ball games, and other outdoor events requiring announcers.  Oscar Clark, who owned a liquor store, was also in business with my father.

sound system on a Buick in 1933Jimmie Mitchell with his mobile outdoor sound system; Kerrville, Texas.

I am guessing that this is about a 1933 Buick.  Does any reader have another idea?

Newsflash:  An astute reader and car-collector in Kerrville told me, accurately, that this is a 1936 Ford Sedan.  Thanks, Wayne!

1930's ham radio set-up

Jimmie Mitchell’s ham radio set-up in the early 1930’s.

My father got his ham operator’s license in the early 30’s.  My son, Jeffrey Bridge, got his ham license in the 2000’s, and was able to get his grandfather’s old call letters assigned to himself.

In the early days of ham radio, it was an ideal way to ‘travel’ around the world by communicating with ham operators in other countries.