What Did Your Foremothers Look Like in 1900?

family portrait central Texas about 1900

Dodgen Family in about 1900

If you called Bertha Clara Dodgen Alexander “grandmother”, here is your chance to see her at about the age of 10 or 12 years.  For unrelated readers of this post, the interest will be in the clothing or faces of the subjects.

Standing, left to right on photo: Mary Dodgen, Emma Dodgen, Frank Dodgen, Nora Dodgen, Bertha Dodgen, Lela Dodgen standing beside her mother.

Seated: Eva Dodgen, J. D. Dodgen sitting on his father, Joseph Caswell Dodgen, Mary Mobley Price Dodgen “Mollie”, and Olive Dodgen in lower corner of photo.

At one point, this family lived in a rock ranch house up Llano Lane about a mile from the Round Mountain Cemetery.  The parents in this photo, known as “Mammie and Granddad Dodgen,” also once lived up a hill overlooking the Blanco River outside the town of Blanco.  Although a farmer/rancher by trade, Granddad Dodgen was a Baptist preacher by calling, and he served the Round Mountain Church and the Blanco Church at different times.

They are buried in the Blanco Cemetery, along with Mary, Eva, Olive, Lela, and “Aunt Mattie” Dodgen Price.  Yes, a Dodgen man married a Price woman, and his half-sister married the brother of his wife.  Which means that the kids in this picture were double-cousins with Sibba and James Dodgen.  The world of Hill Country Texas was small back then.  This also might help explain why Mary, Eva, Lela, and Olive never married- by the time they graduated college and started teaching, the lure of summer travel surely was greater than the lure of raising children and living on a ranch, scratching out a living.  What do you think?

Emma married Jesse James Stewart.  Frank married Elitha Shelley.  Nora married Zebulon Montgomery Pike Davis (Pike).  Bertha married Robert Frank Alexander.  J. D. married Blanche Farquhar.  Howard Dodgen, born after this photo was made, married Lorene Tullos.

For a high school picture of Bertha, see “Graduating into Life”.