The Future’s Not Ours To See

Late 19th Century spurs belonging to CavittSpurs belonging to John B. Cavitt

We make our plans, then we find out what really happens.  Below is my transcription of a quick note written on the letterhead of a lawyer’s office from one of his clients to the client’s brother several hundred miles away.

The author is a cattleman, husband, and father of two smalls girls.  He is far from home tending to some business difficulties, and hoping soon to catch a train back to his family.  Now we know he was shot and killed two days later.  See “What to Tell the Judge About the Murder” and “Murder in Juarez, Trouble in El Paso” for further details.

Sheridan, or S. H., or Sherd, as he was sometimes called, was in business with his brothers and the husbands of his sisters.  When he refers to the sale of “Falls”, he must be referring to a ranch that the family owns in Falls County, Texas.

Peyton F. Edwards,


El Paso, Texas, Mar 31, 1890

Jno. B. Cavitt Esq,

Wheelock, Tex,

Dear Bro,

The obstructions are about to be removed from the court & I think all will be over in a few days.

Your letter received by express.

I think your idea good about the sale of Falls.  I will surely be home in a few days & we can talk things over.

We expect to get everything arranged by tomorrow,

Your Bro

S. H. Cavitt

Evidently, everything wasn’t arranged by tomorrow, and others took matters into their own hands.

19th Century spurs owned by John B. CavittJohn’s spurs

19th Century spurs belonging to John B. Cavitt of Wheelock, TexasJohn’s spurs