One School Student to Another

This letter is in a beautiful hand on cartridge paper stationery.  The envelope bears a 2-cent stamp.

It is addressed to Mr. Norman Cavitt, c/o Mrs. Hall, at Austin College in Sherman, Texas from Ruth Cavitt at Bellewood Seminary in Kentucky.  Although she refers to him as ‘cousin’, Ruth and Norman were second cousins whose grandfathers, Volney Cavitt and Josephus Cavitt, respectively, were brothers.  Both families lived in Texas, but sent most of their offspring away for education.  Ruth is a sister of Florence Cavitt, who also wrote letters to Norman from Bellewood.  I get the feeling that Ruth and Norman didn’t correspond all that often, since this letter is a bit impersonal.

Please note that I provide a link to the Austin College website, which explains “Reveille”.  A further look at these linked history pages provides background to the conditions experienced by the recipient of this simple letter.

Bellewood Sem.

May 3, 1894

Dear Cousin,

Do not bless us out because we don’t write oftener, for we write as often to you as we find time to write to any one.  Rec’d the last ‘Reveille” for which many thanks.  The other girls enjoy them as much as we do.  I noticed Mr. Boone’s name mentioned several times; he seems to be very prominent in the column of Locals.

Florence, Lottie and I have been talking about next summer when she will visit us.

Florence and I have been looking at a picture that reminds us of Mr. Boone and Mattie that day in the boat.  We are planning to have a good time tomorrow as it is May day.  We are going on a picnic and probably eat our supper in the woods.

We are going to have a ball tomorrow night.

Have you any plans for next summer?  Are they going to the N…?  I have two friends whom I expect to have visit us next summer.

Wish you would come to our Commencement.

I am as fond of tennis as ever, so am going to work you in next summer, so prepare.

How is Tula? Or do you ever hear from her?

I am obliged to quit on account of my dreadful pen.  Write very soon and tell me all the news.

Your Cousin,