The Bridge Family on Westmoreland Place in St. Louis, Missouri

Bridge Family photo from the twentiesThe Hudson and Helen Bridge Family

Among my blog readers, there has been quite a bit of interest in the Bridge family of St. Louis.  We have this lovely old 6 ¾” x 9 ½” (image size) photo of Helen Durkee Bridge and Hudson E. Bridge and some of their descendants.  Since this photo was created by a St. Louis photographer, I am assuming the photo was made at the rear of the family home at 23 Westmoreland Place in St. Louis, Missouri.  Do any of you know differently?  Their summer home was in Walpole, New Hampshire, from which the Bridges had immigrated a couple of generations before.

The home was built in 1896 and was owned by the Bridges until 1925.  It was torn down in 1950.  Hudson was president of the Bridge and Beach Manufacturing Company, which made cast iron stoves.  The Westmoreland and Portland Places are covered in the book by Julius K. Hunter.

Following is what I know about the family members in the photo.  If you can fill in the gaps, I would be grateful!

The matriarch and patriarch of the family, seated in chairs, are Helen Durkee Bridge and Hudson E. Bridge.

The girl standing between them is likely Sally, daughter of Dorothy and Leighton Bridge.  The boy seated on his grandfather’s lap is unknown to me.

The couple in the lower left-hand corner of the photo are Laurence and Mildred Jones Bridge.  Their eldest son, standing behind them, is Larry.  The son seated on the step in front is Dwight.  The baby in his mother’s lap is Lorraine Farquhar Bridge.  (As an adult, he quickly and legally changed Lorraine to Lorren.)

The couple in the middle of the steps are Dorothy and Leighton (Lad) Bridge.  [On her mother’s lap is Helen.  Her twin, snuggled up to her father, is Susan.] Edited correction from Steve Weeks, son of Sally Bridge Weeks: This photo was likely taken in 1923. The twins, Helen and Susan, were not born until September 11, 1928. The child on Hudson Eliot’s lap is G. Leighton Bridge, Jr. (Uncle Bud to his nephews). Sally’s oldest brother born in 1916. Dot (Dorothy) is holding her youngest son, F. Gardiner Bridge, born in 1921. Lad Bridge is holding Hudson Eliot Bridge III, born in 1919 and died as a Major in the USMC at the landing to retake Guam in July of 1944. Today (June 14, 2016), the twins are living in memory care in Brunswick, Maine, turning 88.

The couple seated on the lower right-hand side of the photo are Caroline Seymour Keck Bridge and Dwight Bridge.  Son, David, is seated on his mother’s lap, while son, John Dwight, is seated on his father.  Caroline had an older son from her first marriage to a Mr. Herter- perhaps that is her son seated on Hudson Bridge’s lap?

Here are some miscellaneous tidbits about the subjects in the photo:

The little boy in the lower left-hand corner of the photo became a trained concert violinist before entering the service during World War II.  He died in the Mediterranean during the war.  His parents eventually had seven children, two of whom are still living and are of great help to this blog.  The baby in his mother’s lap served in the Navy in WWII and then became an engineer, living first in Kirkwood, MO, then in Houston.

Caroline and Dwight divorced and Dwight spent much of his time painting in France.