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appreciate my blog readers so much- I love the sense of camaraderie from sharing old photos, old letters, and a peek into the lives of our forbears.  Part of the beauty of any blog is the conversation that ensues among the readers who leave comments on the blog.  In this post I offer some insight into how you can get the most enjoyment from these conversations.

Many of you are related to the people who appear in this blog, but you might be missing out on the great joy of discovering the comments at the end of the posts.  I have learned a lot from the readers who have taken time to write, and you will be surprised at the connections we are uncovering here!

My first recommendation is that you subscribe to the blog itself (Look for it in the sidebar), and not rely on seeing the posts linked on Facebook.  There are two ways to subscribe; by e-mail and by rss feed.  Personally, I never remember to look at my rss feeds, so e-mail is the way to go for me.  In addition to being able to subscribe in the sidebar, if you comment on a post, one optional check box that appears allows you to sign up to receive notice of new posts by e-mail.


Today’s blog supervisor, Prancer

My next recommendation is that you comment on each post involving a relative of yours, AND on each post that particularly interests you.  Right underneath the comment you are submitting is a checkbox that allows you to be notified by e-mail each time someone else comments on that post.  This is how you find out that a distant relative still living in your family’s original hometown does, indeed, possess an oil portrait of your great-grandmother.  Or that you live in the same city with a person who shares your great-great grandfather, and who owns a pair of his short pants from when he was three years old.  Hypothetical examples.  But, there have been similar surprises in real life right here on this blog.

Lynn at 8 Months

Blogger Lynn’s early years

There are some truly fascinating comments and connections made by my blog readers, some coming along months or years after the original post has appeared.  If you would like to catch up with the comments, especially the ones on posts about your own family, look in the sidebar where it says “Choose decade or family branch”.  Use the pull-down bar beneath to choose a category, so that all posts in that category will appear.  You can review old posts and scan them for interesting comments.  Remember, if you comment, too, you will see the option to subscribe to the comments on that post, and in this way, you will carry on the conversation.  Who knows, you might even want to continue the relationship outside of this blog!

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The Blog Supervisor’s early years