More Garretts!

We have more Garrett pictures in our garrett!  As a follow-on to yesterday’s post, you will be able to see pictures of all but one of Holland and Lucinda Moore Garrett’s children.  We don’t seem to have a photo of Anna.  Perhaps she died as an infant.  Do any of my readers know?

James McCord (Jim) Garrett b. about 1844

James McCord Garrett, called ‘Jim’

(There is some uncertainty here- my photo label is clear, but the obituary says ‘James R.’)

Stephen Perry Garrett, son of Holland and Lucinda

Stephen Perry Garrett, called ‘Perry’

Silas Alexander Garrett (Dick)

Silas Alexander Garrett, called ‘Dick’

John Henry Garrett, 8th child of Holland and Lucinda

John Henry Garrett

Mary Elizabeth (Mollie) Garrett

Mary Elizabeth Garrett, called ‘Mollie’

Julia Caroline Garrett Alexander and Rufus McCormick Alexander

Julia Caroline Garrett and Rufus McCormick Alexander in a wedding portrait

Elza Garrett, b. in Mississippi about 1857

Elza Garrett 

(The obituary says ‘Elsie’, but all our photos are labelled ‘Elza’.)

Do any of you bear the Garrett name?  What connections do you have to this family?