Garrett Overflow!

Made a trip to Mom’s spare bedroom and found a picture of a lost Garrett there, as well as a different photo of another Garrett you have already seen.

Refer back to the obituary on Holland Garrett to see the names of his and Lucinda’s children.  You will see that the obituary lists a son, James R.  The photo I posted of him in More Garrets! has his name written on the back as ‘James McCord’.  However, this photo below lists his name as ‘Jim Robert’.  There are other references to him being called ‘Jim’, which is a nickname for ‘James’, of course.  We now have two sources revealing his middle name to be Robert, or at least an ‘R’ name, but only one listing it as ‘McCord’.

Jim Garrett (seated) and a friend

Jim Robert Garrett (seated) and an unknown young man

Old family records can be confusing, can’t they?  Newspapers misprint and misspell.  Handwriting is misinterpreted.  Names are simplified, or they are dropped in favor of nicknames.  Really old names might have been spelled differently each time someone wrote them out.  A real archivist follows up each lead and tries to verify absolutely, but I’m not doing that here.  I want to present you with the flavor of life in the past, including the ambiguity and confusion of the trip on this time-travel machine.

FOUND: one picture of ‘Ann Garrett’.  Surely this is the ‘Anna’ listed in Holland’s obituary as one of his daughters?!?

Ann Garrett

Ann Garrett

She looks like her sisters.  (I love looking at the old clothes in studio portraits and wondering how the subjects really dressed for daily life in the Texas heat and humidity.)