The Bridge Summer Home in Walpole, New Hampshire

There has been a rather spirited and long-lived discussion on my post about Helen Durkee Bridge, which I originally posted in 2010.  If I were an actual Bridge family member, rather than a member by marriage, I might have more knowledge embedded in my own head, and might rely less on the kindness of other family members to come to my aid!

A couple of years ago, one Bridge descendent visited the old Bridge family home in Walpole, the home pictured in the Helen Durkee Bridge post, and she has sent me a few photos from that expedition, which I will now share here.

The little outbuilding which is painted yellow and white like the main house, was Dwight Bridge’s painting studio.  In 2011, the interior looked pretty much untouched since the days when Dwight might have painted there in the early Twentieth Century.  (If you would like to see a photo of Dwight, the painter, please see the post that includes a Bridge family portrait.  Dwight is the man sitting on the steps on the right-hand side of the picture.

Bridge Family Summer home, Walpole

Hudson E. Bridge summer home in Walpole, New Hampshire


Dwight Bridge’s studio on the grounds of the summer home


Interior view of the painting studio in 2011

In Walpole, the Bridge family name lives on:  the church has the old family Bible and family pictures, the stained glass windows are in memory of the Bridge children who died at a young age (there was speculation it was diphtheria) and the library is still called the Bridge Memorial Library.  This town was the original home-town of the Bridges before they migrated to St. Louis.