Local Legends

A couple of weeks ago, I published Petal Peepers and History Creepers on another one of my blogs, “Nest Like a Native”, which is my real estate blog. I am linking the article here because it is an account of Mom’s memory of experiences she had in the 1920’s in the Marble Falls area.

To add more to the story, Mom and I returned to the same region which is only 22 miles from our house, yesterday for a visit to the Wenmohs Ranch in Cypress Mill. The Wenmohs Ranch “bunkhouse” is the site of this year’s 25th annual Bunkhouse Art ShowMom remembers Charlie Wenmohs, who was her father’s generation, from her childhood in Round Mountain and Cypress Mill.

1857 Wenmohs ranch house in Cypress Mill

Wenmohs Bunkhouse Art Gallery- original structure built in 1857

We drove past the site of the mill, which was built by the Fuchs, and mom recounted her trips to the mill with her father as they carried corn to be milled into meal or flour.

stone commemorating the mill at Cypress Mill, TX

Commemorating the Fuchs family mill at Cypress Mill. The family pronounced the name “Fox” and a descendent who became a composer actually spelled his name ‘Fox’.

She recalls one time, in the 1920’s, pulling up to the house on that property where a Mrs. Peller lived, and Mrs. Peller came out to greet them with her arm bandaged and in a sling. When Grandmother asked Mrs. Peller what had happened, she replied, “Oh, I waited until after dark to go to the henhouse to gather the eggs, and when I reached in, a rattlesnake bit me.” Mom recalls that the woman sounded more annoyed than anything. I am sure there was not a doctor anywhere close, so people who got hurt pretty much took care of themselves, or died trying.


The old home at Cypress Mill, Texas