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College Expenses


A young man’s college expenses in the 1860’s.




Rational doubt is the parent of truth.



Here is the first character in the story, the recipient of this letter.  He was not quite twenty when he received it from his older and wiser sister-in-law, Tillie. The other person mentioned… Continue reading

One School Student to Another


This letter is in a beautiful hand on cartridge paper stationery.  The envelope bears a 2-cent stamp. It is addressed to Mr. Norman Cavitt, c/o Mrs. Hall, at Austin College in Sherman, Texas… Continue reading

From a Daughter-in-law to Her Beloved Father-in-law


I‘m not sure of all the circumstances surrounding this letter, but here’s what I do know: Postmarked 1880 in Lebanon, Tennessee, it was mailed to Josephus Cavitt in Bryan, Texas. The author, Matilda… Continue reading



This is a long and revealing letter from one close friend to another in Tennessee in 1871.  The author’s hometown is Lebanon, where Tillie lives with the Fite family and teaches, but the… Continue reading

A Blue Christmas


This lovely young woman is named Florence Cavitt and she was a native of Wheelock, Texas, not far from Bryan/College Station.  This portrait might be from around 1895.  Although she and her sisters… Continue reading

The Future’s Not Ours To See


Spurs belonging to John B. Cavitt We make our plans, then we find out what really happens.  Below is my transcription of a quick note written on the letterhead of a lawyer’s office… Continue reading

What to Tell the Judge About the Murder…


The post “Murder in Juarez, Trouble in El Paso” has proven to be  popular over the past year and a half since I published it.  You can see in one of the comments… Continue reading

The United States in 1854


Click on the map to see an enlarged version. This map, folded and crumpled, we found in the possessions of Josephus Cavitt, born February 19, 1826.  He was a great-great-grandfather of mine.  He… Continue reading

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